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About PrintDealsGuy

A long time ago, a friend at work was bragging about all the awesome photo books he's made over the years, and that he's paid next-to-nothing for all of them.  I asked him the secret.  He said, join every print company mailing list you can find.  They will flood you with offers, and occasionally there will be some really nice deals.

I took his advice, and he was right.  Everything from 10-cent prints to free custom photography books.  That got me to thinking I could make a blog with "deals" so other folks can see them too -- and not have all the spam.

It's About Great Printing Deals

Everyday, small and large printing companies in the U.S. are offering "deals" for printing services.  These companies post "coupon codes", "deal codes", "offers", and occasionally, "free offers".  The cost savings can be so significant. 

The cost of home-printing goes up significantly when you have to make multiple prints trying to resolve issues with color, saturation, ink-splotches, etc.  It can be cheaper to have your photographs printed by professionals than to print on your home computer!

ThePrintGuy.US lists the most recent "deals" available from the same companies used by professional photographers!

It's About Getting It Right

If you have tried printing a "professional looking" photo with your personal computer, you may have encountered countless issues trying to get the perfect image.  There are so many things happening between the image on your screen and the image that eventually prints.
  • Unexpected image software adjustments
  • Image software "Print Screen" settings
  • Microsoft Windows "Print Screen" settings
  • Print driver "Print Screen" settings
  • Printer device settings 
  • Compatibility issues or incorrect installation of Windows Print Drivers
  • Poor quality printing paper
  • Mismatch printer ink and printer paper types
  • Unexpected OS issues freezing the print process, causing ink blotches
  • Lack of memory in the printer for large print batches
Even the highest quality printer made for the home and office lacks the quality and richness of professional printing.  After years of trying to "get it right" with my Epson and Canon printers for my personal work, I decided to start "outsourcing" for my professional printing jobs.

Professional printing companies are dedicated to high-quality prints, well-calibrated machines and professionally trained employees.  

It's About Saving Time (and Reduce Stress)

There is nothing fun or productive about chasing down printer drivers, recalibrating, fussing with Windows or Mac printer settings, etc.  And there's nothing fun about buying a 25-sheet pack of "photography paper", only to throw away every-other print because the prints came out wrong.

If it takes you 2 or 3 or 6 hours trying to get your printing setup "just right", was that time well spent when you have to do it all over again when you buy a new printer?  Or buy a different type of paper?  Or your computer reboots?  :(

It's About Great Prints

Great prints should be something you enjoy.  If owning a print of your photograph becomes a significant time-hog, and you are never happy with the results, you will likely stop doing it.  Don't stop doing it, start hiring professional printers! :)

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